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The Alpha is for the rider who wants to boost higher than all his mates and take a crack at their local WOO record. The Alpha gives you more airtime for those extra few seconds in the air to stall that board off or make super smooth rotations and throw a few mega loops in.
5 Strut advanced freeride boosting
$745.11 incl tax

Apex Control Bar

Lines 20m supplied with 3m line extensions. There is already 0.8m pre-line at the bar + 20m + 3m.
Safety release set on a single front line.
Maximum Height of the High-V setting: 6.8m
$365.98 incl tax


This is a light board aimed at a very smooth freeriding style. For a rider who considers a lightweight board making it easier to switch stance and complete board off manoeuvres. Suited to both big air boosting, cruising or old-school riders.
Wood core carbon twintip board only
$462.43 incl tax


For the rider who wants a constant steady pull and no surprises. The no nonsense kite that is easy to get up and ride upwind or down the line wave riding. The Omega is the ultimate kite for riders who want pain free progression and a constant stable bar pressure that always lets you know where the kite is.
3 Strut all round freeride fun
$607.04 incl tax


He or she who wants to cruise and enjoy a super smooth ride, or, for use with boots for the freestyle rider.
Wood core fibreglass twintip board only
$367.45 incl tax


Designed for those who want to increase their time on the water by enabling you to ride in light wind conditions. The Stratus gets you out on the water when everyone is else is waiting for the conditions to kick in. Whether on a twin tip, directional or foil board.
$873.37 incl tax