Lacuna Kites

“The Call to the Void” the idea that people have always been drawn to the unknown, stepping out of their comfort zone and knowledge base and exploring new possibilities.

In order for our riders to embody this, we as a brand need to push the boundaries of development. Rider's need to feel that their equipment is at one with them, an extension of them. There should be no element of doubt that the equipment they use is reliable and durable for the toughest conditions.

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Apex Control Bar

Lines 20m supplied with 3m line extensions. There is already 0.8m pre-line at the bar + 20m + 3m.
Safety release set on a single front line.
Maximum Height of the High-V setting: 6.8m
R 5487 incl tax

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Min: R 5487 Max: R 13094
R5487 R13094