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Out on Parole

Out on Parole

Story about a group of guys breaking free from lockdown...

Edited by Kyle Cabano // @kyle_cabano_ // @as_the_dodo_do

Supported by: North Kiteboarding // @North Kiteboarding // @northkiteboarding Airush Kiteboarding // @AirushKiteboarding // @airushkites Mystic // @Mysticboarding // @mysticboarding

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The Dirty Habits Crew is a group of professional athletes from around the world, who chase the sun to Cape Town and other parts of the world to push each other to the extreme limits in performance, stunts, and taking day-to-day activities to the next level. We also feature friends and other professional athletes. surfers, kiteboarders, stuntmen, skateboarders, wakeboarders, motocross riders, free divers, and big wave surfers.

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